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We also have a full service recording studio in our facility (www.RealSound.net). So we can go from recording your rehearsal to mixing and mastering your record at our studio. Finally we also rent PA's, backline, stages and all kinds of other equipment like gennys' AC units, etc. Come on down for a visti anytime. Join the club and meeet lot's of other great musicians. We have 5 hourly rehearsal rooms in our Los Angeles facility which all have drum sets, PA, bass rig and guitar amps. All of the larger rooms come with vocal monitors and or a sub woofer if you need one. We feature gear by Mackie, JBL, Yamaha, QSC, Crown, Fender, Marshall, Ampeg, Shure and Senheiser. Just ask for whatever you need and we will try to provide it. We believe in service in our studio and we try like crazy to meet the customers needs.

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We offer a full range of Pro Tools–related Recording, from Pro Tools 101 through the series of certification courses.

With locations around the world, you can find a school that’s just right for you.

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With Pro Tools|HD systems, the power to create is never hindered by track count or DSP, allowing you to concentrate on what really matters — the music.

Add ICON, Digidesign’s award-winning, professional integrated mixing consoles, and you have the perfect solution to revolutionize your music production.


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“Pro Tools and ICON have completely changed the way I mix. It’s made it much easier, and it wouldn’t be as much fun without an ICON.”

—Tchad Blake
Grammy-winning mix engineer for Suzanne Vega’s Beauty and Crime